Perfect Set Of Clues That Lead To A Massive Surprise. Parents Have A Hard Time Guessing What It Is. Can You Figure It Out?

A couple wanted to surprise their parents that they were expecting a baby, they waited 4 months to finally get both sides of the family to come together. So the couple gave them a cake on which had small images of the ultrasound and a casino style slotting machine. The mothers were very much confused to what the images were, so the son told them to look in the oven for the cake cutter. As they proceeded to, they checked the oven to find a bun, which goes with the phrase “a bun in the oven”. This confused all four of them even more, but eventually one guessed correctly by shouting “You’re having a baby?!”

Which all of them reacted with laughter and joy as they were not expecting to hear such great news! What a creative way to set up surprises for announcing a baby!


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