Police Officer Shot 4 Year-Old Girl In The Leg “Unintentionally” As He Tried To Aim For The Dog

A police officer shot a 4 year-old girl in the leg accidentally as he tried to aim at the family dog. It all started when the 4 year-old’s mother accidentally cut herself with glass when her sister decided to call an ambulance as she could not stop bleeding. But her sister saw an officer passing by in the neighbourhood from her window and rushed towards him, she told him that her sister needed a paramedic. As the officer approached the house to help he was attacked by the family dog so he aimed to shoot at the dog but the bullet went through the wall and shot the 4 year-old girl on the other side.

The poor girl was bleeding as paramedics rushed to the scene, she was then taken to hospital. The 4 year-old girl was filled with hope as she had no idea how it all happened. Her mother couldn’t believe how an accident led to a horrible injury.


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