Police Officer Stopped A Car That Was Speeding But Decided To Do Something Kind Instead

It was a devastating moment when Mark Ross received a call at 3am in the morning about his 15 year-old sister Eliza, who had been killed in a car accident. He didn’t have a car or a license so he asked his friend to drive him from Indiana to Detroit, but they were caught speeding on the highway as they were pulled over by a cop.  Sgt. David Robison stopped the driver and asked him for his license, but Mark spoke out that he was in a rush to get to his sister’s funeral.

That’s when Sgt. David Robison decided not to arrest the driver but instead drive Mark as far as he could to help him reach his family. Mark was so touched by the act of kindness that he posted it on Facebook and received many loving comments. Sgt. David Robison is a hero for what he did!


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