Pregnant Woman In Labour About To Give Birth But No One Is Around! Until A Miracle Saves Her Baby In Time

Do you believe in miracles? Well this amazing moment told by ‘The Untold Stories Of The Emergency Room’ may just make you think twice!

A woman was lying down on a hospital bed in labour, as there no doctors and nurses nearby. She panicked and screamed in pain as she felt she was about to give birth, she screamed to get instant attention and help. Luckily just in time a doctor had heard her loud scream and knew she was going to give birth in a matter of seconds. So he jumped up on her bed and managed to catch the newborn baby as it came flying out. He was covered in blood but was glad that he had saved a newborns life just in time!

One doctor that saw the other brave doctor save a newborn’s life could not believe it with his own eyes, he even thought telling the story that others would not believe it too. I guess miracles do happen!


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