Probably One Of The Sweetest Versions Of Frank Sinatra’s Song By This 5 Year-Old

This sweet 5 year-old girl called Sophie Fatu sat down to sing her favourite song “Fly Me to the Moon” by¬†Frank Sinatra, she impressed her parents with her graceful voice. Her parents were so impressed that they decided to record her next time, they set up a home studio for her to capture her voice in HD quality. She couldn’t stop smiling at the camera as she sang along to the lyrics so effortlessly. Sophie even blew a kiss during her performance which was so adorable.

Parents need to encourage their children to take on their favourite hobbies and they need to make time to understand a particular hobby their child loves, for instance singing. Sophie’s parents have been so supportive of her singing hobby that they want her to show off talent across the world via the internet.


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