Probably The Nicest Nurse You Will Ever Come Across. His Actions Will Leave You Speechless

You have probably come across nurses that have given patients their medication on time, or have checked up on them regularly making sure their TV is adjusted to the right angle and channel. But here is a male nurse who has his own methods of making sure his patients are feeling positive and have someone to talk to. He is known as “The Singing Nurse” as he once was singing classic songs as a patient heard him. The patient requested the nurse to sing to him, as it reminded him of his good old days. From then on elderly patients request for him to sing a song of their choice, the nurse also claimed that this helped with their moods to the extent that they would cut down their medicine simply because the positive energy were making his patients better!

He also said that by listening to them instead of his patients facing the TV all day made a difference, as it started to make them feel better and loved. This is such a beautiful lesson for everyone, that even one single act of good towards another human being can really brighten up not just their mood but also their day! How inspiring!


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