She Forgave The Woman Who Smashed A Beer Bottle In Her Face And Left Her With Scars

In Minnesota, on October 30th 2016 a woman called Jodie Burchard Risch assaulted Asma Jama as she smashed a beer mug across her face at a family restaurant called Applebee’s. Asma was speaking in her native language Swahili as Jodie got very angry and assaulted her for being different. Jodie ran out of the restaurant seconds after she assaulted the woman but the employees did everything they could to track her down and hold her until police arrived on the scene.

It was classed as a third-degree assault as Jodie was sentenced to spend 180 days in jail and five years on probation. Asma decided to forgive Jodie in court in front of the judge and witnesses as she told Jodie she was an American just like her and everyone else. She told Jodie to choose love over hate and to find peace in her life.


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