She Held Her Premature Baby Girl For The First Time And The Doctors Couldn’t Believe It

A mother gave birth to her 15 weeks-old premature baby called Naomi Joy Bakker, she weighed less than a pound and was the size of an adult hand. No one was allowed to hold her as she was in the NICU incubator, her parents were only allowed to touch her with care. After two weeks of giving birth, the mother asked the doctors if she could hold her baby girl for the first time and they agreed.

Most hospitals would not agree with the idea of a parent holding their fragile premature baby, but the doctors thought it was a good idea. So with all the right care,┬áNaomi’s parents took turns holding her on their chest in the “kangaroo care” position. Which has been known to help with a premature baby’s development as skin to skin care plays an important with growing and healing.


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