She Sang To Him Everyday But He Wasn’t Paying Attention. Until One Day She Realised Why And Changed The Way She Sang To Him. Amazing

Laura has a voice of an angel, she works at a diner and often sings when taking her orders. Her manager began to realise that she had a great voice and set up a microphone so she could sing in the diner. She started off with lack of confidence and had her eyes on the same guy that came to the diner every evening. Eventually her confidence grew as she felt she was singing to him, but he on the other hand wasn’t paying attention to her and kept his head down in his book.

But one day she realised that he was deaf as he communicated in sign language with his friend, she wanted to communicate with him but couldn’t. Her homeless friend that was eating in the diner saw that she had her eyes on that guy, so he did something beautiful and left her a book on how to learn sign language. She spent the entire night reading the book, and decided to sing the very next day.

She sang to him in sign language and she finally had his attention, she sang all the lyrics while he was smiling. He soon realised that she was singing to him all along, and when she finished she sat down to have a conversation with him. That’s all she ever wanted!


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