She Spent Her Whole Life Pretending She Was Okay. When She Was Actually In Desperate Need Of HELP

A woman spent her whole life being bullied because of her weight from a young age, she struggled from emotional eating as it allowed her to escape reality. Eating became apart of her life, as she indulged in junk food to keep herself happy, but the effects were dangerous for her. She had several scares of health problems until one day she finally put her foot down and realized it was time to change. Tracy decided to get herself a personal trainer to not only start losing pounds but to become healthier, week by week she was amazed at her pounds dropping. She started to feel better with more energy to work out.

Today Tracy is very healthy, she even participated in a marathon to prove to herself that she could do it! She now looks like a completely different woman from where she had begun! Her transformation led her to a better healthier lifestyle, she decided to show her journey as motivation for those that feel like giving up. You’ll be impressed with how far she has come! Amazing!


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