She Was Told That She Had To Remove Her Toddler From The Seat Next To Her

A woman called Shirley Yamauchi was on her way from Hawaii to Boston with her son called Taizo for a conference. She had booked flight tickets on United Airlines and expected a smooth journey with her toddler. But things changed very quickly for her within minutes of her departure, she was asked to remove her toddler from the seat next to her and place him on her lap throughout the journey. Shirley said that she did not complain as she was afraid what United Airlines would have done especially after the incident of Dr. David Dao being dragged off the airplane.

She complained to United Airlines once she was off the flight, she was told that her son’s boarding pass was not scanned correctly. Which meant that her son was not checked in according to their systems so they gave the seat to another passenger. Shirley was given an apology and compensation which she was not happy with.


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