She Watched Her Home Surveillance Camera To Find This Heart Warming Footage

This young boy was caught onĀ Hollie Mallet’s home surveillance camera as he quickly ran into her garage to hug their dog. She found the footage adorable as she watched it back with surprise not knowing that there had been someone in the garage. She posted the video onto Facebook to find out who the boy was, and in response his mother got back to her with an apology. His mother was sorry that he intruded on their property and said that it will never happen again.

ButĀ Hollie wanted the young boy to feel welcomed, she wanted him to give her dog a hug any time that he wanted to. After that, the boy now visits the dog every single day making sure to give him a great big hug. He had lost his dog two years ago and wanted a new friend that he could spend time with every day.


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