Simon Cowell Does’t Seem Too Impressed But He is Proven Wrong! You’re In For A Treat

Five men come onto stage of Britain’s Got Talent, their backgrounds range from IT managers to teachers. But they have come together to show a very different side to themselves. They go by the name ‘Old Men Grooving’ and are welcomed to the stage by the judges but Simon Cowell doesn’t seem to impressed. The audience’s expressions seem to agree with Simon Cowell!

As soon as the music starts, they first trick everyone into thinking that they are about to perform an unorganised dance. But within seconds the music changes and they start performing their synchronised dance moves and have the whole audience cheering and clapping for them. They are amused and surprised by ‘Old Men Grooving’ performance! At the end the judges including Simon Cowell stand up clapping for the group.

I guess they proved everyone wrong, by showing them not to judge someone by their appearance!


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