Simon Cowell Had Doubted Her Performance, And Was Left With A Reaction He Did Not Expect Himself. Take A Look

On The X Factor judge Rita Ora had to finalise her group of girls and give them a seat, but the problem was she only had a limited number of seats. One of her contestants Chloe Paige was eager to gain a seat. She nervously came onto stage and said she wanted to sing “Amazing grace” but as an A capella, so with no instruments involved. Simon Cowell didn’t think that would be a great idea but still wished her the best of luck. Rita sensed how nervous Chloe was so she advised her to “breathe”, which calmed Chloe down and got her ready for her solo performance. As she started to sing with her voice it sounded so beautiful and organic, so raw as no music was involved. Which amazed the judges as Chloe really did hold a special talent. Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole were so blown away by her performance so much that at the end of it they begged Rita to give Chloe a seat.

Simon Cowell even ended her performance by saying “not only do you deserve a seat, it deserves you a place possibly in the final.” Which helped Rita make up her mind and finally gave her a seat. Chloe was emotional yet happy with her performance.


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