Simon Cowell Stopped His Performance And Asked Him To Sing A Different Song. He Wasn’t Pleased

Shaheen Jafargholi who was 12 years-old at the time he went to audition on Britain’s Got Talent. He decided to sing “Valerie” by Amy Winehouse as his family love him singing that song, especially his granddad.

Shaheen began his performance and wowed the audience with his vocals, but judge Simon Cowell was not impressed and stopped the song. He told Shaheen that the song wasn’t right for him and asked him to sing a different song, he then chose to sing “Who’s Lovin You” by Michael Jackson. Shaheen’s second attempt surprised Simon Cowell, as he was more confident and his vocals sounded better.

The audience felt the emotions from Shaheen’s point of view and they were so happy when he proved Simon Cowell wrong. He’s a brave and a talented young man!


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