Store Clerk Saved This Woman’s Life From A Kidnapper That Entered The Store

A store clerk called Manveer Komer acted on his instinct when he felt that something wasn’t right when a man and a woman entered the store. He noticed that the man was acting very strange around the woman as if they didn’t know each other, he couldn’t help but listen to their conversations. He realised that the man was making the woman pay for a pack of cigarettes with her credit card.

That’s when the store clerk noticed that something wasn’t right, he decided to stand in-between the kidnapper and woman. He even threatened the kidnapper and pretended that he had a weapon, that’s when the kidnapper left the scene in the woman’s car.

Luckily the woman was saved by the store clerk as surveillance footage showed how she was shaken by the whole incident. Police were able to track her kidnapper down as he had stolen her phone and car.


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