Student Claimed Her GPS Gave Her Wrong Directions Which Led Her To A Death Trap

A 24 year-old student called Amber VanHecke was hiking alone in Grand Canyon during her Spring Break. She was following her Google gps signal on her phone, when the map told her to talk a road that didn’t exist. She ran out of gas as her phone signal died, she was left stranded all alone. Amber spent five days in her car, she saw a helicopter pass her by but didn’t stop.

After recording goodbye messages on her phone she decided to walk 10 miles to find phone signal, she was lucky enough to have signal for 60 seconds to call 911. The 60 seconds were enough for emergency services to track her down, a helicopter came by and rescued her. She was filled with joy to be reunited with her family, she showed them the upsetting video messages that she recorded for them.


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