Teenager Picked Up A Wallet With $1,500 Inside And Surprised The Woman That Was Watching

In California, a teenager was caught on camera for all the right reasons on Melissa Vang’s home security camera. Tyler Opdyke walked past a house as he noticed that there was a wallet in the driveway, but he did not think twice and wanted to return it to its owner. He rang the doorbell but Melissa was afraid to answer it so she watched from her surveillance camera. She saw that Tyler showed the wallet filled with $1,500 to the camera as he placed it on the doormat, she couldn’t believe his kind actions.

Melissa went onto posting the video from her security camera on Facebook and received many positive comments about the teenager’s act of kindness. That’s when Tyler got in touch with her about the video, Melissa thanked him and gave him $150 for returning the wallet.


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