These Tough Bikers Are Tougher Than They Look, They Tackle Child Abuse In The Best Ways. Amazing

Even tattooed tough guys have a soft side, these bikers are called “Bikers Against Child Abuse” and they go around trying to protect children from child abuse. They are a non-profit group of volunteers that take their time out to help children, of which many have been sexually and physically abused.

They help children in court rooms, by attending in large numbers so the children can focus on them instead of the abusers. They give children the confidence to do the right thing, whereas they wouldn’t be able to do so alone. The bikers escort them to court, to therapy, to school and even show up whenever the children want them to.

These tough bikers build great friendships with the children and even remain in contact in case of any future issues they may face, what a lovely team of tough guys!


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