They Got A Call One Day About Their Father’s Funeral But Weren’t Expecting To See Him Like That

A very touching clip that will make you think about how important family time really is. This video clip shows an old man who was trying to get his children and grandchildren visit him every Christmas. He wanted to just have Christmas dinner with his whole family but they all made their own excuses as to why they couldn’t attend. He was left with no choice but to eat alone every festive season, as he felt very sad.

One day all of his children received a message saying that their father had passed away and they had to attend his funeral. They were all very upset as they turned up to his house expecting to see their father’s coffin, but instead they saw the dining table decorated with cutlery and candles. As their father looked out from the kitchen saying that was the only way he could get his family together. His children all felt really bad as they started crying, filled with joy that he was alive. They sat around the dinner table as they laughed away enjoying a lovely Christmas Dinner.

This is a strong message to spend time with family no matter how busy your schedules may be, as you don’t know how long they will be alive.


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