They Had Recently Put Their Family Dog Down, So His Son Decided To Surprise His Father

Philip Michaels wanted to surprise his father with a new puppy. They had a dog for 15 years and had to sadly put him down. His father wasn’t quite ready to welcome a new dog into the family. But one day he showed Philip a picture of a puppy that he saw at work.

Philip knew that it was a good sign to adopt a new puppy, so after 6 months he found a puppy at the same place he found his first dog. He saw the puppy tucked away in corner and at that exact moment he knew that was the right dog.

He had told his father that he had gone grocery shopping with his mom, the mother went inside the house to ask for help. Philip’s father went outside to open the car door, and he was surprised to find a puppy inside a cage. He was over the moon to see the newest member of the family.


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