This 5 Year-Old Hero Deserved A Medal For Saving Her Family In A Terrible Car Accident

It was a proud moment for 5 year-old Lexi’s family for being brave and saving her mother and baby brother from a terrible car wreck in¬†Canadian Rockies. Her mother had fallen asleep at the wheel as she was very tired, so the car went out of her control as it drove off the highway and hit a tree. Lexi wasn’t injured luckily so she walked up the slope barefoot to get help, she waved a couple who saw Lexi waving her arms.

The couple realised that the family were in danger and called 911, paramedics rushed to the scene and took her mother and baby brother to the hospital. Her mother had lost her oxygen supply at the time and broke her back as her baby brother suffered internal bleeding. After a few surgeries they got better and recovered well, Lexi is a hero for saving her family.


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