This 8 Year-Old Girl Was Blown Away With The Amount Of Donated Cash She Collected

A heart-warming story of a girl named Addie who was born with Larsen syndrome, which is a rare bone condition. She was born with her legs backwards and doctors didn’t think that she would be able to walk let alone run someday. But as Addie got older she was able to start walking with the help of physiotherapy, she was able to do a lot of things by herself.

When Addie was turning 8 years-old she decided that she wanted to raise money for her own treatments and for Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas since it’s based on charitable donations. Her aim was to raise $8,000 as she stood on sidewalks holding signs, but she had no idea how generous her donations were going to be. She ended up with $19,500 from donations but that wasn’t the end of it, someone heard about the story and donated a generous £50,000 to the hospital under her name.

In total Addie raised just under $70,000 from donations and the doctors at her hospital were happy knowing that they could pay for treatments and equipment from that money. Addie did a wonderful job by giving back to the hospital to help other children!


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