This Amazing Woman Graduates At 97 Years-Old. Her High School Diploma Meant The World To Her. But Never Got It Until Now!

An amazing superwoman at 97 years-old named Margaret Thome Bekema finally received her high school diploma she has always wanted ever since she went to high school, but unfortunately dropped out due to tough circumstances. She attended Catholic Central High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer whilst she was in high school, and as the eldest daughter she took the responsibility to look after her siblings, father and home.


She would have been part of Class 1936 if she had stayed at high school. So ever since that day she always regretted not completing her diploma regarding her tough circumstances. She never let a day go by without forgetting about the possibilities, so her cousin’s daughter named Marian decided to contact the school and to ask if it was possible for Margaret Thome Bekema to still receive a certificate and they agreed. Marian told them about Margaret’s story of dropping out to take care of her families health as her mother could no longer do so, they were amazed to hear her story. The school administrators came by and awarded her the diploma, Margaret was very emotional as it meant the world to her.


She celebrated this beautiful day with her children and grandchildren as they were all very proud of her hard work she had put into the family. By giving up dreams for priorities, Margaret is a true hero for making sure that her family and loved ones came before everything else. Her story is very inspiring to everyone who shouldn’t give up hope that their dreams could come true!



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