This Girl Proved Why She Needed A Smartphone As She Used It To Catch A Criminal

Taylor Blanton only 12 years-old was playing games on her smartphone in the kitchen as she was waiting for her mother to come back home from grocery shopping. But Taylor heard a someone knocking on the front door and then the back door, that’s when she realised something was wrong. She went over to the window as she saw a man trying to break into the house, so she used her smartphone to take videos and pictures of the burglar.

She managed to call the police as she gave them a detailed description of what he looked like, she hid in the closet in the meantime until she heard police sirens. The police caught the man who was a wanted criminal as the burglar said he was “only out to get a glass of water”. He was convicted of many burglary crimes around the neighbourhood, all with the help of a 12 year-old girl and her smartphone.

Taylor’s parents were so concerned about their safety that they decided to move to another neighbourhood.