This Man Was Feeding His Horses When He Came Across A Bird That Needed Help. He Is A Hero

Nelson Wilson was feeding his horses on New Year’s Day when he heard a bird chirping away. At first he thought the bird was having a great time, but with closer inspection he realised that the bird was stuck. The bird had been drinking water from a heated tank in his barn, and it got its feet wet.

Then the bird must have sat on the fence with wet feet, as they froze in the ice cold temperatures. Nelson saw that the bird was stuck, as it panicked to fly away, he quickly held the bird in his hand making sure not to hurt it. Then he used the heat from his breath to melt the ice from the bird’s feet, he managed to free the bird with success. He made sure the bird wasn’t injured as he let it fly away in peace.

Nelson did a sweet thing for helping the poor bird!


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