This Man Will Make You Appreciate Your Life, He Is Content With Living And Working Inside A Toilet

Here’s a man who is content with his life, Premraj Das is 40 years-old and lives in a toilet in India. He left his village to find work to help him finically support his family, he earns about $100 a month. He wakes up at 6am in the morning and cleans the toilets regularly, he has no shame in his job as it keeps him safe and away from trouble. He meets hundreds of people daily and has gained respect from many.

Once his daily shifts are over, he cleans up all the toilets and starts to cook using water from the sinks. He then lays out his bed every night on the clean floor, he has no complaints on his lifestyle and is happy to be earning money for his family. He surely sets a great example for many around the world!


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