Two Friends Fell Out Just Moments Before Their Audition On The X Factor. Watch To See What They Did

Bradley and Ottavio came to audition on The X Factor, but they had fallen out. The two had an argument over uncooked chicken which led them to separate for the auditions. The two friends were very emotional over their argument, as the judges could sense something was wrong.

Ottavio went to perform first without Bradley, he tried his best to look happy but he was very upset deep down. His performance did not go so well as the judges told him that he would work better in a group. That’s when Ottavio confronted and told the judges that his group member was sat in the queue. The judges asked what happened and Ottavio responded that Bradley had cooked him pink chicken.

The judges were shocked and insisted that Bradley come in and tell his side of the story. Bradley was upset that Ottavio gave him a negative introduction, but he made an effort to turn that around with his solo performance. Immediately the judges asked for the two to perform in a group as their voices worked better in a group. So Ottavio and Bradley made up and came back to audition, they sang “Buttons” by Nicole Scherzinger.

The judges were impressed with the two friends making up and performing together, but Simon Cowell did not seem too pleased. But they got three yeses to put them through to the next stage. Ottavio and Bradley were happy they got through it together!


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