Two Strangers Met Through A GoPro Camera In A Lake. The Result Was Incredible

Kyle Puelston went to Temperance River in Minnesota to have a great time with his family. He is the family photographer and loves his technology. So he took his waterproof GoPro camera and decided to capture family moments of them jumping into the river and having fun.

The GoPro camera was strapped on Kyle’s head, he decided to jump into the river one last time with his sister but he ended up losing the camera. The camera came off his head and hit the rocks at the bottom of the lake, it continued recording for 30 minutes. Kyle tried to find the camera underwater but couldn’t see it, so he gave up. He was devastated as the memory card in his camera held pictures and videos of precious family moments.

Almost a year later, Chris Flores and his brother went to the same river for a family trip. His brother reached into the water and found the GoPro camera, it was still dry in its waterproof case. He went home and scanned the memory card and saw Kyle’s family videos, he wanted to find a way to contact Kyle. So he went through other videos to find out that Kyle was an officer and had test SWAT team training footages.

Chris zoomed into the video to see the badge on Kyle’s uniform and found the right place to return it. He understood the value of family as his youngest daughter suffered a heart-attack and he was told that she had a tumour. He was devastated with the news but he took good care of his daughter with her tumour condition, so he understands the importance of children.

Chris got in contact with Kyle to discuss their amazing connection through the GoPro camera, Kyle only wanted his memory card back and told Chris to keep the camera. They both became friends and Kyle was happy to know Chris was a good samaritan.


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