Two Teenagers Saved A Toddler’s Life As Her Mother Was Killed In A Car Crash

Two teenage boys came to the rescue when they were first at the scene of a horrific car crash, they found a woman dead on the scene who was later identified as 27 year-old Alexis Danley. They also heard a 1 year-old toddler crying who managed to survive the car crash, Colin Barry decided to grab the little girl as his friend Hunter Hassenjaeger helped him. They called the police to rush to the scene as the two teens looked after the poor girl, the police later then tracked down a 23 year-old who was a suspect of the hit and run and was under the influence of marijuana.

The two teens did a wonderful job as they said that it was only normal for them to step out of their car and help. They advise everyone to help in any horrible situation as it could lead to saving someone’s life.


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