Veteran Sits Very Close To A Wolf, As The Wolf Brushes His Face Against His Back. Watch To See What Happens NEXT

Mathew Simmons is a co-founder of ‘Lockwood Animal Rescue Center’ and a veteran, he came up with the idea that veterans can heal themselves around wolves. He believes that “You’ve got to give someone who has been through severe trauma an opportunity to heal”, the facility has 40 animals, all the wolves have been rescued from across the country. As the veterans have faced some sort of trauma this allows them to connect well with the wolves that have faced their own traumas, just but sitting with the lovely animals they are able to unwind and enjoy nature.

Once a wolf picks a veteran, it sticks to that one person and shows it’s affection. The veterans talk about their experiences of how they cannot unseen or undo things from their past, which haunt them daily, but this form of therapy has allowed them to face their thoughts and find peace. The wolves teach them to be clam and confident, and the veterans feel accepted as part of their pact.


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