Wedding Guests Were Amazed At What They Saw! They Certainly Did Not Expect It

Bride Roisin and room James, had a very unique dance at their wedding. The bridesmaids all dressed up in bright green dresses and performed a tap-dance which they had rehearsed. All the girls had carefully synchronized their footsteps as not one single girl was out of tune! So as they danced away, the bride and groom joined in with the performance which the guests did not expect. Also not knowing that the bride and groom had rehearsed, knowing all the footsteps but with their own special signature performance.

The pair looked beautiful as they tap-danced effortlessly to the music, they didn’t seem to look tired at all from their long day of celebrations! Their guests cheered for them with joy as the couple took the spotlight! Not all bride and groom dances have to be slow, some can be unique and energetic! How creative! So newly engaged couples, this may be interesting for your wedding dance ideas!


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