Wife Does Chores Around The House While Her Husband Sits In The Living Room. Her Father Does Something Heartwarming

A beautiful video expressing a strong message, a father is sitting in his daughter’s house as she comes home from work. Immediately she starts to multitask by answering the phone, cleaning the house and starts to cook. While her husband is sat on the sofa asking her to do his laundry too, her father starts to feel guilty because he acted the same way towards his wife when their daughter was younger, and so he realises is son-in-law was also brought up in a home where the mother did the house work.

He blames himself for raising his daughter wrong and not helping out around the house when she was younger. He realises these gender roles should not exist as both should take part in house chores as a team, so leaves his daughter a note before he leaves her house. In the note he explains the he has gone home to help his wife do the chores as she was alone at home. He apologises for the way he continued gender roles set by generations before him and regrets following them. His daughter is touched by his loving apology, this is such a heartwarming message for everyone!


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