Wife Finds Out Husband Is In A Coma After His Motorcycle Accident, He Lost All Memory Of Her

A couple were married for 7 months when Danielle’s husband Matt had a tragic motorcycle accident which led him into a coma. He was in hospital for months as the doctors told her that he had a 90% chance of not surviving and advised her to pull the plug. But she was determined to see her husband get better one day and never lost hope. Today she is very glad she never pulled the plug on the life support machine as he woke up from his coma. He wasn’t able to identify his wife as he had lost all memory of ever being married to Danielle, but they fell in love again when she did everything she could to get him back.

Danielle has been helping Matt recover as she trains with him during his therapy sessions to become stronger. The doctors could not believe the amazing recovery and Danielle’s determination to see her husband get better after the accident.


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