Woman Cut A Baby From A Woman’s Womb Using A Knife In Her Basement

A horrific trap set up by  Dynel Lane who planned to attack  Michelle Wilkins with a knife in her basement. Dynel who had lied to her friends and family that she was expecting a baby tricked pregnant Michelle on the internet. She had written that she was giving away free maternity clothes, so Michelle turned up at her door not knowing what she was getting herself in to. Michelle was directed to go downstairs to the basement as Dynel cut her throat and her womb.

Michelle was only 7 months pregnant at the time, Dynel had cut the baby out of her womb and left Michelle to die. But somehow Michelle reached for her cell phone and called 911 for emergency, she was rescued but later found out that Dynel had taken the baby to the hospital. Unfortunately, the baby had died from being cut open from her mother’s womb. Dynel pleaded guilty with her charges and was sentenced to prison.


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