Woman Went Into Labour But A Tornado Headed Her Way Towards The Hospital. Watch To See What The Nurses Did

One beautiful morning a couple checked into the hospital for their induction to go into labour, but the nurses shocked Sheila with unexpected news, that there was a level 1 tornado warning in the area. The nurses advised to reschedule the induction but Sheila was already having contractions and didn’t want to leave.

The tornado warnings went from level 1 to level 5, and within minutes the tornado was facing the direction of the hospital. Sheila’s husband, son and mother had gone off to the cafeteria when they had to immediately drop under the table, Sheila was transferred to a room with no windows by the nurses.

But the tornado had struck and the building was shaking with things breaking and smashing everywhere, the nurses were protecting Sheila while she was lying down on the bed. Her husband ran up from the cafeteria to check if she was still alive, thankfully she was. But the nurses had to get her out of the demolished building, and transfer her to another hospital that wasn’t hit by the tornado. Thankfully Sheila gave birth to a healthy baby with the help of the amazing team that rescued her.


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