Woman Slashed Across The Face With A Blade As She Was On Her Way To Work

A 24 year-old woman called Amanda Lynn Morris was on her way to work in New York City when she was slashed in the face by a homeless man. The homeless man was 41 year-old Kari Bazemore as he ran up behind Amanda in the early hours of the morning and swung a blade into her face. He was identified from the security footage as a member of the local public saw him walking around and immediately alerted the police.

Amanda was left shocked when Kari attacked her, at first she thought he had punched her nose as she had no idea that he slit the side of her face. She rushed into a diner as the staff gave her a towel and called for an ambulance. She had seven stitches to the face to stop the blood, she is now left with a scar on her face.


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