Woman Speaks Up About Her Shocking Affair She Had With Her School Teacher

A former student speaks out about when she had an affair with her school teacher, Jenny Kutner now 25 years-old spoke about her experiences. Her affair started when she was 14 years-old, Lance Mueller, her teacher would pay special attention to her, he would visit her at her home. Soon their illegal relationship became sexual as Lance threatened to hurt Jenny or himself if she ever ended the relationship. But two of her classmates found out and told their parents, which led to Lance getting arrested.

The reason Jenny spoke up about her affair was because she heard of a 15 year-old girl called Elizabeth Thomas who disappeared with her 50 year-old teacher called Tad Cummins. She wants Elizabeth to hear the message that she is a victim and that her relationship is not what it is supposed to be. Jenny wants to tell all girls that it is illegal to have an affair with a teacher.


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