Woman Was Forced To Marry The Man Who Abducted Her In Las Vegas

A 55 year-old woman called Virginia Paris was abducted by 52 year-old Joseph Hetzel who cut her off on the road and jumped into her car. Virginia had left her retirement home job when Joseph followed her car and cut her off, he kidnapped her as he forced her to drive to Las Vegas. He then pushed her into getting married with him at a Chapel as she tried to escape but her blocked her from doing so.

Joseph then took her to Railroad Pass Hotel and Casino where he gave her $100 to book a room as he didn’t want to show up on security cameras. That’s when Virginia took her chance and informed a clerk that she had been abducted. Police came rushing to the scene as Joseph fled in attempts to commit suicide which failed as he was caught and arrested the following day. Virginia had known Joseph as a friend but she tried to cut contact with him when he became obsessive towards her.


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