Would You Want To Stay At Trump’s Childhood Home For $800 A Night?

President Trump’s childhood home is listed on Airbnb for $800 a night, but is it really worth it? His childhood home is located in Queens, New York, the traditional looking house looks good on the outside but is it as nice inside? Well let’s see what this visitor had to say! Inside his home it looks outdated yet there seems to be a lot of character with the details, there are many images of Trump plastered around the home.

But there are many issues about the place such as lack of hygiene, the trash seemed to be full from the previous visitor as there was no gas or hot water. This was disappointing to see as they are both very important for cooking meals and taking showers. There were bunkbeds in the rooms, with a lack of a homely feel to the place. It’s surprising that Airbnb would charge $800 per night when there are no basic necessities.


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