Young Boy Bursts Into Tears Because Of Bullies. The Judges On Britain’s Got Talent Remind Him How Great He Is

On Britain’s Got Talent, a young boy named Jack Higgins who is 14 years-old wanted to join the auditions. He is a ballet dancer from Liverpool and the judges were immediately impressed by his positivity. He has faced bullying at school because he likes to dance instead of playing sports like the others boys, but he has a passion for dancing so he ignores the bullies.

He began to perform on stage and showed his talent as he danced gracefully, the judges were amazed at his talent. All four judges gave him great feedback, one judge said “It was really authentic and genuine, you are a born dancer, this is what you’re supposed to do!”. They all gave him four yeses!

Jack was in tears because he couldn’t believe all the positivity he received from judges and the audiences, since he was used to the negativity from the bullies. Keep dancing Jack, you’re so talented!


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